Chatterbox HQ

Open Air Office Concept and wireless communications cafe for Chatterbox Communications.
Downtown _ Raleigh, North Carolina

This project develops an underperforming parcel at an opportune intersection between high vehicular traffic exposure on one side and storefront development on the other energized by pedestrian traffic from the State Capitol during the day and a selection of nightlife venues in the evening.

The Open Air Office Concept presents an amenable alternative to the forms of public space available for an encounter with the city. We conceive this as a place to go and work as a lifestyle event, and made visible as a beacon to both the passerby and the Capitol.

Open Air Office Concept
Interior Architecture _ Raleigh, NC

Colin Billings, Dominique Price

Architecture AS _ IS Team
Ashley Hickman, Maeliosa Barstow, Katherine Hogan

Open-Air Office