Dominique Price to jury 2017 Blueprint Awards

Dominique Price to Chair Transbay Citizens Advisory Committee


Dominique Price to juror Co.Design 2017 Innovation By Design Awards

Review of MONU Magazine: Issue 24 on Domestic Urbanism

“The Sacred Intricate Meshworks Of Our Inner Dramas” by Colin Billings posted on Archidose

Dominique Price teaching for UC Berkeley

The Art Project is in the News!

Hybrid mix of a children’s art studio and a coffee bar developed for “The Art Project” at Overton Square.

Creates a destination by representing and setting a stage for the freedom of playing with art, and contributes a dedicated social space where art can be ‘as good as play (again)’.

Dominique Price on jury AZ AIA Design Excellence

Dominique Price speaks for AIA

LEAN ON : Parenthood, Parks, and other Pressure for Urban Infrastructure

Article addressing the need for social infrastructure in the daily struggle for a better work-life balance by Dominique Price for The Missing 32%: Equity By Design

Dominique Price speaks for SPUR

Dominique Price will participate in upcoming discussion focusing on our cities and their struggle to keep up with the demands of corporations on available real estate, resources, talent, housing, transportation and a wide range of factors that are making it increasingly difficult to maintain headquarters in a traditional urban environment.


Dominique Price speaks for AIA