Dominique Price
Colin Billings

Ashley Hickman
Maeliosa Barstow
Angus Blair

AS _ IS (2016 / SF) is an integrated research and architecture practice working on the issue of user engagement in urban architecture across the professional disciplines of architecture, interior and urban design.

Directed by Colin Billings and Dominique Price, the AS _ IS team is actively researching the impact of share-culture on the urban fabric, working with small group led projects to advance the spatial agency of design in context, supporting socially engaged student initiatives in the profession of architecture, and raising awareness of the instrumental role that domestic urbanism and soft infrastructure projects play in the attainment of a healthy and vigorous sense of the city.

San Francisco:

1254 Mason Street / 94108
Tel: +1 (415) 515 – 2517

Former Collaborators:

Katherine Hogan
Katie Logan
Cooper McKenna
Zhifei Xu
Kay Yang